Kiiara Unleashes Wispy Synth-Pop Single, “Wishlist”

Mike Nied | October 13, 2017 4:54 pm

Last year Kiiara made a strong debut with her lead single “Gold.” Armed with her distinctive vocals, the synth-driven track dominated radio and made for a daring introduction to aspiring hitmaker. Since then the 22-year-old has released a string of frosty anthems and appeared alongside Linkin Park on their single “Heavy.” Today she is working with The Arcade and Commands on her new single, “Wishlist,” and it is another wistful, synth masterpiece.

“I’ll pour gasoline on your halo,” she sings as she corrupts an angelic lover over sparse keys and resonating strings. A racing beat line comes in and drives the production forward, and her voice is lovely as it floats over the dreamy track. The developing relationship on the other hand may verge on toxic, as the pair delight in drunken nights and questionable decisions that find them in cop cars. However dangerous it may be, she is addicted and proclaims that she can “never have enough.”

Kiiara told Hypebae that the single was inspired by a contentious romance. “‘Wishlist’ is about a ride or die mesmerizing love,” she explained of the track. “Both involved would do anything for the other even if it meant doing the worst shit. He’s well aware she’ll potentially corrupt him, but he’s all-in no matter what. He knows she’s a bad girl type, but also knows he needs her… I wanna make him my number one. He’s at the top of my wishlist.”

With its addictive production and compelling vocal line the track could shape up to be another huge success for Kiiara. Listen to the dreamy but dangerous release below.

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