Maroon 5 & A$AP Rocky Reflect On Past Love On “Whiskey”

Mike Wass | October 19, 2017 5:00 pm
Maroon 5 Announces 'Red Pill Blues'
Maroon 5 reveals the cover and tracklist of their sixth album, 'Red Pill Blues.'

Maroon 5’s sixth LP, Red Pill Blues, is shaping up to be the band’s most eclectic offering to date. There’s a little pure-pop courtesy of rising hit “What Lovers Do,” a little mid-tempo introspection via the Julia Michaels-assisted “Help Me Out” and a moment of quiet reflection on “Whiskey.” The band’s latest buzz track finds Adam Levine and A$AP Rocky reflecting on the one that got away. “Would’ve left this world behind, just to wake up by your side every mornin’,” the frontman croons. “I would’ve sold my soul for a little more time.”

Rocky is similarly bummed. “I ain’t like the other Cognacs or type of cat that’d never call back,” he raps. “Or lose contact when you runnin’ out of rum and you make a run.” They share their misery on the chorus. “I told her she could have my jacket, wrapped it tight around her shoulders,” the guys remember. “And I was so young ’til she kissed me, like a whiskey, like a whiskey.” Red Pill Blues drops November 3. Listen to the latest buzz track below.

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