New Find: Leony Makes A Great First Impression With “Surrender”

Mike Wass | October 26, 2017 7:17 am
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Leony is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Germany, who just happens to be signed to Sony Australia. (Welcome to the modern music business!) She recently released her debut single and it’s already generating heat on Spotify. The appeal is obvious. “Surrender” is a gentle, largely acoustic bop with loved-up lyrics and a surprise drop. “I feel your touch, my eyes they roll inside my head,” she sings over plucked guitar. “I didn’t think I would ever feel that love again.” Things get a little heated from there.

“When we both lay down together and I feel you take a hold,” Leony croons on the pre-chorus. “I’m losing all control.” The chorus itself is simply “surrender” x 5. The newcomer dropped a video last week and it finds her performing “Surrender” on a guitar. It’s a straightforward concept that captures the intimacy and effortlessness of the song. This is the kind of jam that brightens up any playlist and hints at much bigger things to come. Fall in love with Leony below.

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