Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It” Video Is High On Effects, Low On Plot

Mike Nied | October 27, 2017 1:01 am
Taylor Swift Drops '...Ready For It?'
The polarizing pop star's latest 'Reputation' single is called '... Ready For It.'

Taylor Swift is a shape-shifting cyborg in the music video for her Reputation buzz track “…Ready For It.” The 27-year-old is ramping up promo ahead of the LP’s November 10 release date, but her latest offering feels like a bit of a misfire.

The video sees her team up with Joseph Kahn again for a spectacle that is high on special effects but low on an obvious plot. In it, a goth-inspired Taylor goes to battle with a cyborg clone of herself. Both versions are gifted with some impressive, high-tech abilities making for an interesting fight. The gritty release feels similar to “Bad Blood” with its moody setting and impressive visual feats. Unfortunately, it is no where near as epic.

After the dramatic (and undeniably petty) storyline from “Look What You Made Me Do,” the pair’s latest offering is visually pleasing but otherwise rather dull. It feels like a bit of a non-entity, especially after Kahn spent the entire day hyping it up on social media. The 1989 singer’s latest era has not been as well received as her previous ones, and “…Ready For It” is unlikely to inspire much confidence in Swift’s naysayers.

Hopefully her next step is more in line with the quality we have come to expect from the pop heavy-hitter. It seems like she shot another music video on the streets of London last week. That could be the one that sets her current project on the right path. Check out the video up top.

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