Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels’ Sublime “I Miss You”

Mike Wass | October 27, 2017 6:04 am
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Clean Bandit’s winning streak continues with “I Miss You.” The UK club collective joins forces with Julia Michaels for a sublime banger that packs an emotional punch. “I know you didn’t call your parents and tell ’em that we ended, ’cause you know that they’d be offended,” the “Issues” hitmaker muses in the opening verse. “Did you not want to tell ’em it’s the end?” By the time the chorus comes around, it becomes increasingly clear that she’s also hoping for a reunion. “I can’t believe it, I miss you.”

Break-up anthems are hardly in short supply, but few lyricists can cut as deep as Julia (“I saved all the texts, all of the best over the years”) and Clean Bandit’s intricate, multi-layered production is faultless as usual. They even introduce some Asian sounds into the mix without it sounding forced or gimmicky. It’s only a matter of time before “I Miss You” becomes a global hit like “Rockabye” and “Symphony.” At this rate, the band’s sophomore LP is shaping up to be something special. Listen below.

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