New Find: Malia’s “Champagne Clouds” Is Going To Be Big

Mike Wass | October 27, 2017 7:46 am
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In the age of the indie-girl voice, vocalists are in depressingly short supply. That makes the arrival of Malia a cause for celebration. The breathy, babydoll drawl that pollutes most pop songs in 2017 is nowhere to be heard on “Champagne Clouds.” Instead, the promising newcomer pulls the vocal trigger on a dreamy ode to partying. “You’re gonna find me on the champagne clouds, I’m living easy and I won’t come down,” she sings on the instantly-hummable chorus.

What’s the song all about? “[It] was actually inspired by a lot of my time at USC and was written about the fact that I don’t leave parties,” the budding diva revealed about the track she co-wrote with Tiggs and Phil Paul. “I just very much lived in the party world and loved to have a good time, sing and dance.” Malia is signed to J Kash and Ross Golan‘s newly-established Friends With Pens label. Listen to her very good debut single below.

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