Demi Lovato’s Next Single Is “Tell Me You Love Me”

Mike Wass | October 31, 2017 4:41 am
Demi Lovato Interview
We speak to Demi Lovato about 'Simply Complicated' and her new album.

Demi Lovato is rolling out “Tell Me You Love Me,” the title track to her sixth LP, as the follow-up to top 10 hit “Sorry Not Sorry.” The soulful ballad reportedly impacts pop radio on November 7. It’s a sensible choice. As much as I love fan favorites like “Ruin The Friendship” and “Daddy Issues,” “Tell Me You Love Me” is the album’s breakout streaming hit (24 million and climbing on Spotify) and has been promoted with a live video. It’s also more reflective of the pop star’s new, R&B-leaning sound than those bangers.

“I hope I never see the day, that you move on and be happy without me,” Demi muses on a verse. “What’s my hand without your heart to hold?” The anthem really hits full strike on the gospel-tinged chorus. “Oh tell me you love me,
I need someone on days like this.” It’s easily the best vocal the 25-year-old has ever delivered (which is saying something) and is a timely reminder to the Grammy committee of her incredible progress as an artist. Listen to a live rendition below.

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