Lana Del Rey Is Retiring “Cola” In The Wake Of Weinstein Scandal

Lana's 'Cola' Is About Harvey Weinstein
Lana Del Rey's 'Cola' was reportedly written about disgraced exec Harvey Weinstein.

It was a little shocking to discover that Lana Del Rey name-checked Harvey Weinstein on the original version of “Cola” in the wake of sexual assault allegations against the Hollywood heavy-hitter. In a new interview with MTV, the “Lust For Life” hitmaker explains the inspiration for the song and its future in her live shows. “When I wrote that song, I suppose I had a Harvey Weinstein, Harry Winston type of character in mind,” she begins. “I envisioned a benevolent diamond bestowing on starlet visual… something more like Citizen Kane or something.”

“I thought it was funny at the time and I obviously find it really sad now and I support the women who have come forward and I think they’re really brave for doing that,” Lana continued. “It was in the ether, I suppose. Obviously, I don’t feel comfortable with it now. I thought of that right away.” The 32-year-old was then asked if she intended to retire the song. “Yes, I would say definitely,” was her firm response. Watch the interview below.

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