Taylor Swift’s “Call It What You Want” Is More Like It

Mike Nied | November 3, 2017 12:29 am

Taylor Swift is pulling out all the stops as she gears up to release Reputation next week (November 10). Instead of giving interviews and maintaining an active presence on social media, the 27-year-old is letting her music do the talking this time around. Today (November 2), she gives fans yet another taste of the project with her fourth buzz track, “Call It What You Want.” Thankfully, it’s her strongest release this era.

Her latest offering still has the confessional quality that defines the album, but it strips back a lot of the senseless anger and ridiculous (over-) production. “My castle crumbled overnight, I brought a knife to a gun fight. They took the crown, but it’s alright,” she sings on the opening line while addressing her tumultuous relationship with the media and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

However, she is doing better than ever and has a new lover to thank for that. “All my flowers grew back as thorns., windows boarded back up after the storm. He built a fire just to keep me warm,” she passionately signs over the ethereal production. The gentle release is both a love song as well as a fighter’s anthem. After a handful of furious return swipes at her naysayers, Swift finally seems prepared to move on with her life and return to the pristine pop that defined her earlier releases.

Reputation is shaping up to be a bit of a mixed bag. Lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” and buzz track “…Ready For It” were a little too barbed and sonically jarring. The next buzz track, “Gorgeous,” was cute but did not pack enough of a punch. But “Call It What You Want” is more of what we have come to expect from the hitmaker. Give the track a spin below.

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