Pink & Niall Horan Represent Pop At The CMAs, Keith Urban Debuts “Female”

Mike Wass | November 9, 2017 6:07 am
Pink's 'Beautiful Trauma:' Album Review
The pop star's latest album is a worthy addition to her iconic discography.

The 2017 Country Music Awards were held last night (November 8) and, as usual, a couple of pop stars were in the mix. Niall Horan joined forces with Maren Morris for a mash-up of her current hit “I Could Use A Love Song” and their Flicker duet “Seeing Blind.” The Brit delivered a stellar performance, showcasing his unexpected ability to adapt to any genre. Speaking of versatility, there’s nothing Pink can’t do. As usual, she stole the show with a stunning stripped-back rendition of Beautiful Trauma highlight “Barbies.”

It looks like viewers were impressed too. Niall and Maren’s duet is now top 40 on iTunes, while Pink’s album track shot straight into the top 20. Beating them both, chart-wise, is Keith Urban. He debuted a new song called “Female” at the CMAs and it’s heading straight to number one of the digital retailer. The song is a well-intentioned response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. “When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it just cause she was wearing a skirt,” he sings at one point. “Now is that how it works?” Listen to the full audio at the bottom of the post.

Clips of Pink & Niall’s performances:

Keith Urban debuts “Female”:

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