Dannii Minogue Returns With Sia-Penned Space Anthem “Galaxy”

Mike Wass | November 9, 2017 8:51 pm
Dannii Minogue Announces 'Galaxy'
Dannii is returning to the pop scene with a new single penned by songwriting queen Sia.

Dannii Minogue returns to the pop fold after a decade in the wilderness (well, The X Factor studio). The duchess of dance dropped a couple of club songs here and there, but “Galaxy” is the much-missed diva’s first official single in 10 years. And it’s a promising start to her comeback. The lyrics, which were penned by Sia, are dreamy and she has never sounded better. Seriously, Dannii’s voice is just getting better with age. On the flip side, the production is a little dated and it lacks the instant hook required for radio.

“Lonesome light years, tethered tears,” the 46-year-old coos over spacey synths. “Pull me near and I will have no fear.” The song really takes flight on the chorus. “Your current sets me free, I’m feeling your electricity,” Dannii belts. “You are my galaxy, a star struck heart beat.” The video also arrived today and it’s a glamorous affair that finds the pop star modeling different outfits under neon lights. There are also a few special effects to keep things interesting. It’s so good to have Dannii back. Watch her in action up top.

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