Maggie Lindemann’s “Obsessed” Is A Barbed Pop Confection

Mike Nied | November 17, 2017 12:43 am

Maggie Lindemann adds another pop confection to her name with the unveiling of her new single, “Obsessed.” The 19-year-old siren struck gold with last year’s “Pretty Girl” after a Cheat Codes remix went viral and racked up a cool 300 million streams on Spotify. The song’s breakout success seems to have drawn the budding hitmaker away from her moodier early material in favor of something a little brighter. Her latest continues her trend toward more optimistic productions, but it does so with a twist.

Despite boasting her most dazzling production yet, “Obsessed” delivers a barbed critique to a lover who is too caught up in himself. “Baby, you got something special. Your body is a work of art, but we got a little issue. I feel your chest, but I can’t find your heart,” Maggie coos over bubbling synths on the opening line. Her voice is sweet but cutting as the song builds up to an earworm-worthy chorus.

After teaming up with The Vamps to deliver a massive performance on “Personal,” Maggie seems to have another potential hit on her hands. Although her latest releases are not quite as atmospheric as her earlier efforts on “Things,” she has certainly found a sweet spot with feisty lyrics over pristine pop bops. Listen to her new masterpiece below!

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