Legendary Music Icons And The Places They Called Home

Many famous musicians’ homes become shrines to them after they pass away and for some, this even happens while they are still alive. Fans gather to pay their respects to music icons and scramble to get a look at the most popular musicians of today. This list has the most famous rock star houses, from boyhood homes to places of assassination. We’ve got it all!

Jimi’s Rough Beginning


Guitar icon Jimi Hendrix has long reached legend status within rock-n-roll and even the pop culture lexicon at large. However, back in his heyday, Jimi wasn’t famous for long as he passed away at the very young age of twenty-seven years old. This house is not where Jimi ended up, but rather where he got his start. Jimi grew up quite poor and had a difficult childhood. Both of his parents struggled with alcohol and the family, including Jimi’s four other siblings, was often split up. The younger siblings were often sent away to foster care. Needless to say, this house was at one point Jimi’s home base. It was also here that his love of music first started. His first instrument was a one-stringed ukulele found in a neighbor’s trash. He soon acquired his first cheap guitar and began to train himself on blues records. Sadly, the house, located in Seattle Washington, became the source of some contention between the city and Jimi’s estate and it was ultimately torn down.