The Highs and Lows Of Kenny Chesney’s Life

Ashleigh Cantu | November 27, 2017 6:08 pm

Country superstar Kenny Chesney is best known for his laid-back country tunes combining country sensibilities with life on the beach. Kenny has had a mega-successful career but he has also faced his share of scandal over the years. From super rowdy concerts to a messy love live and speculation about his sexual orientation – Kenny has faced it all. Read on to get to the details of the life of Kenny Chesney and find out who he’s dating now.

Kenny’s Close Call


On September 10th of 2001, Kenny Chesney and his band played a show in Pennsylvania. The following day they were supposed to travel to New York City in order to shoot a music video at the World Trade Center. Obviously, we all know what happened that fateful following day. By some turn of fate, Kenny canceled the shoot. He realized that he and his band could have perished in the horrible terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. In response to surviving the worst terrorist attack in modern history, Kenny said, it “really makes you believe that there’s something up there.”