Louis Tomlinson’s “Miss You” Is His Most Authentic Solo Offering Yet

Mike Nied | December 1, 2017 1:12 am

Louis Tomlinson returns to his pop-rock roots on his new single, “Miss You,” and he has never sounded better. The 25-year-old has struggled to find his sound since One Direction went on hiatus. Unlike his former bandmates, each of his singles has explored a slightly different sonic direction.

He made an attempt at club fare alongside Steve Aoki on his debut, “Just Hold On,” and ventured into sparse, emo-pop with Bebe Rexha on “Back To You.” But, his new offering has the potential to provide a breakout moment for the budding solo star.

“Miss You” is an anthemic bop similar to his work with 1D, though it admittedly puts a more mature spin on the band’s buoyant sound. On it, Louis is hit with nostalgia for a previous lover in the midst of a party. “We’re dancing on tables ’til I’m off my face. With all of my people, and it couldn’t get better they say,” he proclaims as things build to a fever pitch around him. Even still, something is not quite right.

“Should be laughing, but there’s something wrong. And it hits me when the lights go on. Shit, maybe I miss you.” Armed with a fierce guitar line and an earworm-worthy chorus, the track effortlessly captures the lovelorn longing that can be sparked by a drunken night. Louis’ vocals are some of his strongest to date, and the lyrics are instantly relatable without feeling bland.

As an added bonus, the song simultaneously manages to fill the void that opened when 1D disbanded and caters to the group’s maturing fanbase. Will “Miss You” be enough to launch his career to the level of success Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne have enjoyed since going solo? If he promotes it well, it surely has the potential. Listen to his latest below!

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