Paris Jackson Unmasked: The Guarded Model’s Love-Hate Relationship With Fame

Nadine Blanco | December 1, 2017 10:11 am

The lives of Michael Jackson’s children have been shrouded in mystery. The late pop icon went as far to cover his children’s faces with masks whenever they were in public. But since his passing, the masks have come off and Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris has taken to the limelight.

After a heavily isolated childhood and struggles with substance abuse and self-harm, life without her father wasn’t easy for Paris Jackson. Now that she is adult and coming into her own, she’s revealing secrets from her childhood.

You won’t want to miss why she suggests that her father was murdered.

Michael Jackson’s Special Arrangement That Bore Paris


Splash News via The Sun

The one and only daughter of the King of Pop was born Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson on April 3, 1998 to Debbie Rowe. Michael Jackson met Rowe when she was working as a nurse for the dermatologist who treated Jackson’s vitiligo. Jackson and Rowe formed a friendship and allegedly grew close over their respective failing marriages.

Jackson expressed a desire to have kids, but his then-marriage to Lisa Marie Presley prevented him from doing so, and Rowe offered to have Jackson’s babies for him. Following Jackson’s divorce from Presley, Rowe first gave birth to Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and then Paris.