Alli Simpson Turns The Tables In Her “Material Boy” Video

Mike Wass | December 6, 2017 1:48 pm
Alli Simpson Returns With 'Material Boy'
Alli Simpson makes a pop comeback with feisty electro-pop single 'Material Boy.'

Alli Simpson made a welcome return to pop in early October with “Material Boy.” Co-written with Ferras, Johan and Myah Marie, the feisty electro-pop anthem tackles the superficiality of the LA dating scene. “Your lips keep moving it ain’t nothing but noise, if you think I’m joking then you’re missing my point,” the 19-year-old coos. “You try to wind me up but I ain’t one of your toys, go on and play with yourself material boy.” Needless to say, she has come a long way since teen-pop anthems “Why I’m Single” and “Notice Me.”

The “Material Boy” video dropped today (December 6) and it turns the tables on the typical LA date. “He is staring blankly like the Ken Doll to his Barbie Doll,” Alli explains. “Showing the shallowness in some men having a girl as their ‘possession’ rather than their other half. Or treating a women less than they deserve, like an object! It’s all in fun and showing my side to the story. I hope anybody can relate in their own way and women can stand strong to what they deserve.” Watch up top.

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