Unbelievable Rumors About Famous Musicians That Turned Out To Be True

Much like celebrities and political figures, musicians aren’t immune to gossip, tabloid fodder, and the general rumor mill. While some rumors are believable, some are downright insane (ahem, like Ciara being a man or Tupac still being alive after all these years).

But what about those crazy rumors that turn out to be true? From the Beatles perfecting their skills in strip clubs, to KISS infusing a comic book with their own blood, here are some unbelievable stories in the music world that actually happened.

Did you know Charles Manson was a friend of Dennis Wilson from The Beach Boys? Read on to learn more.

Kieth Richards Snorted His Dads Ashes


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It’s no secret that Keth Richards, lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones, experimented with a fair amount of drugs throughout his career. So, when an interviewer asked him to explain the weirdest thing that he had ever snorted, he replied by saying his own dad’s remains.

After the music legend’s father was cremated he said, “I couldn’t resist grinding him up with a little bit of my blow. My dad wouldn’t have cared…it went down pretty well, and I’m still alive.” Out of all the substances that Richards has pumped into his system throughout the years, we guess it’s not all that shocking that this is the weirdest thing he put up his nose.

Nikki Sixx Was Declared Dead At One Point


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It has been rumored that at one point during his career, bassist and co-founder of the band Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx, had been pronounced dead. As it turns out, this was a true story and the result of a drug-fueled night in 1987 in which Sixx overdosed on heroin and passed out cold.

Although he was no stranger to heroin overdoses, this was was unlike the others and caused him to turn blue and was eventually declared dead inside of an ambulance. By some miracle, he woke up in the hospital where he promptly escaped and hitched a ride home to do more heroin. Rock and roll.

Jim Morrison Was The First To Be Arrested Onstage


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Due to an incident during a show in New Haven, Connecticut in 1967, it established Jim Morrison, frontman for The Doors, as the first rock star to ever be arrested onstage during a performance. According to keyboardist Ray Manzarek, Morrison was “making out” with a fan in a shower backstage when he a police officer who didn’t recognize Morrison told him to vacate the premises. Morrison told him to “eat it” and was sprayed in the face with Mace. The concert was delayed, but when Morrison finally took the stage he went on a tirade calling the police officer a “little blue pig” taunting more police until he was taken into custody.

Harry Nilsson’s Apartment Curse


Although it was initially a rumor that developed into a rock and roll curse, it is true that both Kieth Moon, the drummer from The Who, and Cass Elliot of the Mama & the Papas died in the apartment of recording artist Harry Nilsson’s apartment. In 1974, Cass Elliot died in her sleep from a heart attack even though there is a false rumor that she had choked on a ham sandwich. Four years later, in 1978, when renting the apartment from Nilsson, Kieth Moon died after taking 32 clomethiazole pills to alleviate his alcohol withdrawals. In another creepy coincidence, both musicians were 32 years old when they died.

Elvis Received An Anti-Drug Badge From Nixon


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During an unexpected meeting with former president Richard Nixon, Elvis proclaimed that “I’m on your side” in regards to drug culture and how he “wanted to restore some respect to the flag.” However, this was all an act, and Elvis was definitely not anti-drugs. He was at the White House attempting to obtain a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge, which he succeeded in doing. His facade had helped to convince Nixon that he was truly worried about drug culture and Nixon ended up getting him a badge for it. Elvis believed that by carrying the federal narcotic badge, he would be able to legally enter any country while wearing guns and carrying any drug he wished.

Charles Manson and The Beach Boys


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It’s been hinted at throughout the years that the infamous Charles Manson wrote a song that has been used by The Beach Boys, which is in fact true. Before Manson gained the reputation as a psychopathic murderer, he was attempting to pursue a music career in Los Angeles in the summer of 1968. During the time, Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson ended up developing an odd friendship with him and Manson presented him with a song he wrote titled “Cease to Exist.” Wilson thought the song was good and changed it up a bit and renamed it “Never Learn Not to Love” and took credit for the song. It was only a year later that Manson and his followers committed their atrocities. The song is still attributed to the Beach Boys and Wilson went on to state, “As long as I live, I’ll never talk about that.”

Ever wonder why David Bowie’s eyes look the way they do?

David Bowie’s Eyes


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David Bowie’s eyes certainly were intriguing to look at. If you’ve never noticed before, it looked almost as if his eyes were two different colors. People believed that this was due to heterochromia, a condition in which a person has two different iris colors. It’s hereditary, harmless, and is more common in cats and dogs than humans. However, the late music legend did not have heterochromia, rather, his pupils were two different sizes. In 1962, Bowie got into a fight with later lifetime artistic partner George Underwood over a girl and ended up getting punched in the left eye. The brawl scratched Bowie’s eye, paralyzing the muscles that contract the iris.

Van Morrison’s “Revenge Album”


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During the mid-1960s, musician Van Morrison was incredibly unhappy with his current label Bang Records. The label wanted to take his music in a different direction than he did, and his situation led him into personal and financial trouble. Then, Warner Music bought out his deal with Bang Records, offering him a way out.

However, Morrison still owed the label 36 recorded songs as a contractual detail. So, in one recording session, he recorded 30 songs with an out of tune guitar with borderline nonsensical lyrics about strange subjects such as ringworm, blowing your nose, sandwiches, and so on. The label never agreed to quality songs, so Morrison found a loophole out and this has come to be called his “revenge album.”

The Beatles Honed Their Skills In A Strip Club


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The Beatles weren’t always playing sold-out stadium shows with school girls crawling all over them. Between August 1960 and December 1962, the Beatles played over 250 nights in the city of Hamburg, a worn down and seedy seaport where they played mostly for “inebriated seamen and bored whores.” In the beginning, much of their time was spent playing background music in strip clubs where they were forced to play four to five hours a night relying on pills to keep them on their feet. However, it was during this time that many have suggested that the band refined and perfected their skills as live performers and that they wouldn’t have become the band they did without this period of their careers.

What was the deal with Jack and Meg White?

The Relationship Behind The White Stripes



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The relationship between Jack and Meg White who make up the iconic rock duo The White Stripes has perplexed fans since the band’s inception. While they were still together, there were rumors that the two were brother and sister, a married couple, or that there wasn’t a behind-the-scenes relationship at all. Yet, as it turns out, although most assumed they were siblings, The White Stripes were actually a husband and wife duo. Jack White explained that “when they’re brother and sister, you go, Oh that’s interesting. You care about the music more than the relationship.” However, they eventually divorced and the band has split up since.

The “Rocket Queen” Controversy


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If you listen closely to the Guns and Roses track “Rocket Queen,” there are some pretty obvious sexual noises going on in the background—and these noises were not fake by any means.

Evidently, these were the moans of lead singer Axl Rose getting it on with Adriana Smith, the band’s drummer Steven Adler’s girlfriend. With a lot of booze flowing, the two thought it would be a good idea and Smith wanted revenge on Adler for previously catching him cheating on her. After the song’s release, Smith was deeply ashamed by participating in the stunt which led her into a long battle with addiction. Today, she is a drug and alcohol counselor.

The Origin Of Marilyn Manson’s Name


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Marilyn Manson is not, in fact, the heavy metal singer and performer’s given name. He was originally born as Brian Hugh Warner on January 5, 1969, in Canton Ohio. How he came to decide on calling himself and the rest of his band Marilyn Manson was to juxtapose the names of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. He did this because he wanted to emphasize that much like movie stars, serial killers are also given notoriety, put on the front cover of magazines, and glorified by the media, elevating them to the level of American folk heroes.

Up next, whatever happened to Tupac’s ashes?

The Outlawz Smoked Tupac’s Ashes


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In the years following Tupac Shakur’s death, there was a rumor going around that members of Tupac’s old band Outlawz smoked his ashes after his funeral to sanctify a Tupac lyric. This rumor has been confirmed true. In 2011, it was disclosed that in honor of the lyric, “Last wishes n****s smoke my ashes” from the song “Black Jesus,” that his friends upheld that last wish. They claimed that after a day at the beach enjoying many of the things that Tupac enjoyed such as orange soda, marijuana, and chicken wings, they decided to give him their own farewell and that they took his request very seriously.

Blood In The Ink Of The First KISS Comic


In order to get as close to touching the blood of the band as you’re going to get these days, all you have to do is get your hands on the first Super Special KISS comic book published by Marvel in 1977. The rumor that the red ink used in the original comic books are infused with the blood of the band is in fact true. In 1977, the band flew to Marvel’s printing press in upstate New York and added vials of their own blood in a vat of red ink that was used for the comic. The entire process which included a nurse to draw the blood was witnessed by a fair amount of people and wasn’t a surprising stunt on KISS’ part.

Ozzy Osbourne And The Bat Incident


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, chances are that you’ve heard about the time when Ozzy Osbourne supposedly bit the head off of a live bat mid-show. Unfortunately, this is true. During a performance in Des Moines, Iowa in 1982, a concertgoer threw a bat onto the stage. ‘The Prince of Darkness’ assumed that it was a rubber toy and bit its head off as a stunt only to find out that it was, in fact, a real bat. He was then rushed to the hospital to go seek medical attention for rabies. Although unintentional, this has gone down as one of the most hardcore stunts in metal history.

Elvis Is Naturally Blonde


As it turns out, The King’s unmistakable jet-black hair was actually owed to the help of hair dye and other hair products. Elvis was originally born with sandy blonde hair but began dying it in order to have an edgier look. The hair dyes he eventually began to use after gaining fame to achieve his color was Miss Clairol 51D and Black Velvet & Mink by Paramount. However, in his earlier days, he admitted to using black shoe polish to perfect his shiny and slick-backed hair-do that we all know and love. We wonder what the ladies would prefer if Elvis was still around today.

Willie Nelson Ran Into A Fire To Get His Weed


Willie Nelson’s relationship with the devil’s lettuce is no secret, so it’s also not surprising the lengths he is willing to go to keep it safe. In 1969, a few years before Willie Nelson reached stardom, his house caught on fire and a friend called to let him know. Nelson rushed home and ran into the fire in order to save not his belongings, but a pound of weed that he had before the firefighters could find it. He notes on his actions that “I wasn’t being brave running in the to get my dope…I was trying to keep the firemen from finding it and turning me over to the police.” He managed to save the marijuana and his guitar but hundred of his demo tapes were lost.

Apparently, Kesha really wanted Prince to hear her music.

Kesha Broke Into Prince’s House


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In 2014, pop star Kesha admitted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falon that she had broken into Prince’s home back when she was still trying to make a name for herself. Attempting to get her music into the right hands, she went to the singer’s house, paid the gardener $5 to slide under the gate and walked right into the front door. Upon entry, she ran into Prince playing the guitar. She recalls him looking at her completely confused. She then said that she “waved her CD around, put it on the table, and then ran away.” Although Kesha never heard from Prince, it’s clear that everything still worked out for her.

Audience Member Takes Over For Keith Moon


In 1973, before performing at Cow Palace in San Francisco, in his usual manner, Keith Moon took a handful of horse tranquilizers and washed them down with copious amounts of alcohol. Then, during the show, he began to slow down and eventually passed out while playing. The rest of The Who attempted to wake him up with no luck and he was eventually dragged off-stage by a roadie. After playing “See Me Feel Me” without him, frontman Pete Townshend offered the opportunity of a lifetime and asked if anyone in the crowd could play the drums. In comes 19-year-old Who fan Scott Halpin who helped successfully fill in for the rest of the show.

“Look At That Turtle Go, Bro!”


When The Red Hot Chili Peppers were recording their album Freaky Styley they were accompanied in the studio with funk musician George Clinton as well as a ridiculous amount of cocaine. However, Clinton didn’t have enough money to pay his drug dealer, so the band ran into some problems. When the dealer finally came to the studio with his henchmen threatening violence instead of money, Clinton offered him a part in the album. This seemed to satisfy the dealer, and the band let the dealer record the line “Look at that turtle go, bro” in the intro to the song “Yertle The Turtle,” and the party raged on.