Cher Makes A Glamorous Cameo In The ‘Mamma Mia 2’ Trailer

Mike Wass | December 21, 2017 2:15 pm
Cher Drops 'Ooga Boo'
Only Cher could get away with releasing a track called 'Ooga Boo.'

The trailer for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the long-overdue sequel to the 2008 hit movie music populated by ABBA songs, arrived today (December 21). It gives an exhaustive recap of the original film as well as updating us on the situation of the pregnant protagonist played by Amanda Seyfried. There are also glimpses of Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski camping it up, but Cher steals the show. She makes a last-minute cameo, stepping from a helicopter in a platinum blond wig no less, as the family’s absurdly-glamorous matriarch.

They will get my money for that scene alone. Apart from saving the Mamma Mia! franchise, Cher has been unusually busy considering that she’s technically off-cycle. Not only is the 71-year-old (how?) keeping fans abreast of the latest political developments via her legendary Twitter, she has also contributed a song called “Prayers For This World” to a documentary called Cries For Syria as well as recording a demented bop called “Ooga Boo” for the Home: Adventures with Tip And Oh soundtrack.

Hopefully the pop icon drops new, non-ABBA music in 2018. Cher is due for a new album. Four years have passed since the arrival of Closer To The Truth and, believe it or not, there are only so many times you can listen to “Woman’s World.” Watch her in the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again trailer below.

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