From Jake Paul To Jessie J, The Worst Music Videos Of 2017

Mike Nied | December 30, 2017 3:00 pm
The Best Music Videos Of 2017
We round up the best music videos of 2017 including 'New Rules' and 'Humble.'

As 2017 comes to a close, we are rounding up the good, the bad and the ugly in all things pop music. Earlier this week, we revisited some of the year’s best music videos. Now, we are turning our attention to the worst music videos. It is hard to believe that the year that gave birth to visuals like “New Rules,” “Praying” and “Bad Liar” also unleashed some of the biggest messes in the history books.

From basic, non-entity releases to absolute tragedies, we have compiled a list of the 22 most glaring misses of 2017. Remind us of any we might have missed in the comments below.

22. “Cut to the Feeling” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has developed one of the largest cult followings in pop music, and this year’s “Cut To The Feeling” was another beloved release. However, the accompanying music video deserved to be so much better than what it was.

21. “MotorSport” – Migos feat. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

Hip-hop’s leading ladies made history when they teamed up with Migos for “MotorSport.” One problem: You would never know based on the video.

20. “Touch” – Little Mix

The UK’s premiere girl group had a massive bop on their hands with “Touch,” but the music video was jarring, low-budget and featured the worst costumes of 2017. As comfortable as ragged terry cloth lingerie may be, it is not a good look.

19. “Remember Me” – Jennifer Hudson

Why would the music video for a booming ballad be shot inside a parking garage turned dance club? J-Hud’s visual is all sorts of confusing.

18. “Back To You” – Louis Tomlinson feat. Bebe Rexha

The anticipated collaboration between Bebe and Louis was appropriately emo, but the video was essentially a waste of time from two of pop’s most promising.

17. “Think About That” – Jessie J

After taking some time away from the public eye, Jessie J returned to the scene with a dramatic and over-acted video for “Think About That.” Despite possessing an incredible voice, she is clearly still struggling to find an image that is less tortuously received.

16. “First Time” – Kygo feat. Ellie Goulding

Overly dramatic and strange, Ellie Goulding’s sole music video of 2017 is bound to leave viewers more confused than entertained. The visual tries too hard to impart a message, but it is unclear what exactly you are supposed to take from it.

15. “Weekend” – SZA

Fans loved SZA’s “The Weekend” so much that it received an official single release, but the music video lacks the striking visuals that made “Love Galore” a stand-out. Instead, it is a literal snooze-fest filled with basic glamour poses.

14. “Flame” – Tinashe

Tinashe seemed poised for a quick ascent up the charts with her pop single “Flame.” But the accompanying music video was a slightly boring non-entity that took the wind out of an otherwise strong release. Hopefully the promising up-and-comer is able to deliver her major pop star moment in 2018.

13. “I’m the One” – DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Quavo and Chance the Rapper

Despite topping the charts this summer, the horde of collaborators delivered a less than thrilling music video. The only redeeming quality is Khaled’s adorable son, Asahd Khaled, otherwise it’s just a bunch of video girls bopping around in an outrageous display of excesses.

12. “Rockstar” – Post Malone feat. 21 Savage

So violent that it required a parental advisory at the beginning, the chart-topping single’s video is more than a little excessive for no clear reason. 

11. “Swalla” – Jason Derulo feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj

Unsurprisingly, the candy-coated music video that accompanied Jason Derulo’s suggestive bop turned out to be a raunchy affair. However, he pushed the envelope a little further than necessary alongside his dancers.

10. “Craving You” – Thomas Rhett feat. Maren Morris

The country duo’s romantic duet was transformed into a bloody crime drama and robbed of a happy ending for the music video. Yeah, we do not get their reasoning for that decision, either.

9. “Waterfall” – Stargate feat. Sia and Pink

Why even recruit Pink and Sia for a track if you don’t incorporate them in an accompanying music video? The futuristic, zero-gravity video Stargate did offer up fell far short of expectations.

8. “Strip That Down” – Liam Payne

Every member of One Direction unleashed solo material in 2017 and was met with varying levels of success. Liam Payne went in a hip-hop direction on his debut single “Strip That Down,” and he could not have looked more awkward if he tried in the music video. The sleek production was a clear attempt to position him as the new Justin Timberlake, but it is a no for us right now.

7. “Cold” – Maroon 5 feat. Future

The supergroup’s collaboration with Future received the visual equivalent of a bad acid trip for a music video. It also runs about three minutes too long.

6. “Ready For It” – Taylor Swift

Pitched as one of the best videos of the year by director Joseph Kahn, Taylor’s second release was more than a bit of a dud.

5. “Make Love” – Gucci Mane feat. Nicki Minaj

Nicki’s best verse of the year deserved a visual spectacular that matched her fiery lyrics. Instead, all it got was a phoned-in snooze that saw her straddle a blow-up unicorn.

4. “Love Is Blind” – Fergie

Fergie commemorated her long-awaited return to music with a visual album, but the end result was a bit more of a mixed bag than Beyonce or Lemonade. “Like It Ain’t Nuttin'” was one of the best videos of 2017, but the treatment for “Love Is Blind” is an animated nightmare that proves Claymation does not belong in the world of pop music.

3. “Queen” – Frankie Grande

Low budget and campy are not always a good mix as proved by the less musically talented Grande sibling’s foray into music.

2. “These Heaux” – BHAD BHABIE

After finding viral success as the “Cash Me Outside” girl, Danielle Bregoli branded herself Bhad Bhabie and decided she deserved a music career. As evidenced by her “These Heaux” music video, it never should have happened.

1. “It’s Everyday Bro” – Jake Paul feat. Team 10

The single worst song of the year received an absolute nightmare of a music video that saw the insufferable YouTube personality bragging about his wealth. Hopefully it is a one-off because 2018 deserves better.

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