BØRNS & Lana Del Rey Join Forces For “God Save Our Young Blood”

Mike Wass | January 2, 2018 3:52 pm
Lana Del Rey's Cosmic 'Love' Video
The past, present and future collide in Lana Del Rey's cosmic 'Love' video.

BØRNS and Lana Del Rey is a match made in psychedelic pop heaven. They both share a love of vintage sounds (the long-haired singer’s Dopamine LP is a veritable time capsule) and dramatic song titles as new single, “God Save Our Young Blood,” attests. Produced by Tommy English, this is a duet in the truest sense. The collaborators share all the verses but one and co-anchor the chorus. “God save the ocean, God save the breeze,” they croon on the bridge. “Save the words from my lips, save the birds, save the bees.”

“Baby save me one last sip while you strip on the beach, I’ll save you in the waves if you swim too deep.” That takes us to the swelling chorus: “God save, God save our young blood.” I love everything about this. BØRNS and Lana share a similar aesthetic, which makes this feel a lot more authentic than “Summer Bummer,” for example. It’s also the most upbeat song the Lust For Life songstress has blessed in a while. Take a listen to the best new song of 2018 below. It can be found on BØRNS’ upcoming sophomore LP, Blue Madonna (out January 12).

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