Embarrassing, Bad & Basic: The 10 Worst Songs Of 2017

Mike Wass | January 3, 2018 2:00 pm
The 50 Best Pop Songs Of 2017
From "Slow Hands" to "Bad Liar," we round up the best pop songs of 2017.

A lot of bad songs were released in 2017, but only a handful were terrible enough to be considered for this list. I tried to turn a blind eye to low-budget indie fare and focus on major-label releases. From A&R to marketing, whole teams of people worked on these tracks. Which makes their awfulness all the more galling. Someone somewhere should have pointed out that the music was very far from good, thus sparing us from generic bangers, dated production and cringeworthy lyrics.

Without further ado, here are 10 songs that miraculously passed the demo stage.

10. “Strip That Down” — Liam Payne

I’m pretty sure this is playing in the elevator to hell.

9. “Living Out Loud” — Brooke Candy & Sia

The worst single of their respective careers.

8. “My Name (Say It)” — Citizen Four

Imagine transforming a Destiny’s Child’s classic into this.

7. “I Feel Everything” — Cara Delevigne

As bad as the movie it comes from.

6. “Queen” — Frankie Grande

He really snapped… a vocal chord.

5. “Gummo” — 6ix9ine

2017 jumped the shark when a convicted sex offender cracked the top 20.

4. “Make America Great Again!” — Joy Villa


3. “These Heaux” — Bhad Bhabie

Every day we stray further from His light.

2. “Look What You Made Me Do” — Taylor Swift

Five bad songs rolled into one.

1. “It’s Everyday Bro” — Jake Paul

This is what happens when you tell your kids they can do anything.

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