The Best (And Worst) Super Bowl Halftime Performances Ever

Idolator Staff | February 17, 2023 10:13 am

Super Bowl halftime performances seem to either be really lit or really… not. The performances at the halftime show can be so amazing and uplifting, it’s hard to decide what people are talking about more after it’s all said and done: the game, or the halftime show! From the masters – Madonna, Prince, The Boss – to the misers –Miami Sound Machine, Blues Brothers, Toni Braxton – it’s always talked about in the weeks after, and sometimes, the years! First, the worst. Next, the best. Plus some fun behind-the-scenes facts about the halftime shows.

Worst: Gloria Estefan & Olympic Figure Skaters, 1992

The theme was “Winter Magic,” for the Minnesota cold, so obviously there were gigantic snowmen and at the time famous ice skaters, Dorothy Hamill and Brian Boitano. You can see a whole lot of randomly choreographed dancing and little impish figures running here.


And Gloria Estefan, with her Miami Sound Machine, dancing and singing and trying to turn the beat around. It didn’t work, and the TV audience chose to watch In Living Color‘s live comedy special. No one expected it to find an audience, but the special was a hit, and the super bowl halftime was a dud. This shook up the halftime organizers, who got serious about drawing in an audience for the next year: they went big with Michael Jackson.