The Black Eyed Peas Return With A Strong Message On “Street Livin'”

Mike Nied | January 9, 2018 1:05 pm

The Black Eyed Peas are kicking off 2018 a new single called “Street Livin’.” The track is one of their first collective releases since 2011, and it sheds light on the hardships people of color face across the country. Featuring a more contemplative production, the group has returned with a strong message that is sure to be heard. “Street livin’, caught in a trap. Guns or books, sell crack or rap,” raps on the opening lines.

He, Taboo and each take the forefront for a verse, ending with a powerful message. “Listen, you can get fucked by the system, or you can say fuck the system.” They shared a similar call to action on social media. “We have the POWER to make change together,” they encouraged fans. “Prison Industrial Complex. Immigration. Gun Violence. Police Brutality. These issues are critical for our families, friends, communities, and world. Stay Woke, Take Action Now.”

The accompanying music video helps shed further light on the issues featured in the song. In it, BEP brings still images of men of color in challenging situations to life. It is a bold visual that only enforces their message. Although they are renowned for their frantic productions and club beats, BEP has tackled political messages on tracks like “Where is the Love” in the past.

In 2016 they revisited the fan-favorite track to put a modern spin on the song with the help of Mary J. Blige, Jessie J, Nicole Scherzinger and other musicians. Fans are also noting that “Street Livin'” draws parallels to their earliest releases. Potentially they are taking it back to their roots for a new album in 2018? Watch the video up top.

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