Every Time Kanye West Proved He Lives In An Alternate Reality

Idolator Staff | January 9, 2018 4:16 pm

Kanye West has become just as well known for his over-the-top (and often bizarre) behavior as he is for his music. He has pulled so many stunts throughout the last decade that it’s almost hard to keep track of them all. Aside from his antics, he’s also known for his crazy spending and has no problem shelling out ridiculous amounts of money on himself or on his wife. But perhaps the craziest part of all is that Kanye doesn’t seem to think there is anything strange about his behavior. Maybe he’s an alien, as he once called himself. Or maybe he just lives in an alternate reality. We’ll let you decide.

When Kanye Wore This $900 Fanny Pack

Kanye West

Kanya West is known for shelling out the big bucks when it comes to fashion. That apparently applies to fanny… I mean chest packs, as well. In December 2017 he was seen sporting a “chest rig” made by a company called Alyx. The rig is a nylon chest pouch with adjustable side clips and a mesh back. If these look familiar to you, it’s likely because chest rigs are usually worn by police. The cost of such an accessory? $900! The piece is from Alyx’s Fall 2017 collection, and apparently, he’s one of a very select few to own it, as it is completely sold out. We guess it’s his version of a high-end man purse.