Raja Kumari’s “Meera” Video Is A Work Of Art

Mike Nied | January 12, 2018 2:28 am

Raja Kumari celebrated her birthday by rolling out a stunning music video for her latest single, “Meera.” The songwriter-for-the-stars (Iggy Azalea, Gwen Stefani) kicked off her solo career with her debut EP, The Come Up, in 2016. On it she displayed an ability to hop genres while blending hip-hop style with classical Indian rhythms. Her latest release is the final from the project, and it highlights her heritage as well as her creative vision.

“Meera” boasts a sparse but enchanting production that displays the budding solo star’s impeccable taste. “No one sees the real. They think they know what you need, but they lie,” she cautions on the opening lines. Although the message seems bleak, there is a positive spin. “In your darkest days see the light. From the bottom you elevate,” she declares.

Directed by Shawn Thomas Visuals and styled by Karuna Laungani, the video is a visually arresting and fashionable affair that compliments the fierce song. Opening with a striking close-up on her face behind a veil, Raja delivers a series of beautiful looks. Sitting on a throne in a pink gown she is the vision of royalty, and in another scene she mediates in front of a banyan tree.

Bold and colorful, “Meera” is another impressive moment for the up-and-comer. Raja is gearing up to unveil a new collection of music in the near future. With her strong productions and impressive musicality, she has already established herself as One To Watch. Hopefully we see more from her in 2018. Until then watch her latest release up top!

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