About To Blow: Five Rising K-Pop Acts To Watch In 2018

Jacques Peterson | January 15, 2018 6:51 am
The Best K-Pop Songs Of 2017
We round up the 30 best K-Pop songs of 2017 including gems from EXO & HyunA.

The K-Pop machine churned out over fifty new idol groups last year, which comes with both pros and cons. As a fan you’re never bored because there’s always new content, but it also gets hard to figure out who’s who. What separates a KNK from a JBJ? 2018 looks like it’s going to be more of the same oversaturation, so I’ve rounded up a few soon-to-be K-Pop superstars to help you weed out the future chart-toppers from the chart-floppers.


It’s taking NCT a lot longer to hit K-Pop’s A-list than previous SM Entertainment acts, but that’s just because they’re playing the long game. The group have been on a gradual upwards trajectory since their 2016 debut, and after the success of their “Cherry Bomb” comeback last year, it feels like they’re just one big hit away from superstardom.


LOONA already topped our best K-Pop songs of 2017 list, and they haven’t even debuted yet! Following an ambitious multi-single rollout that’s been going on since 2016, this year will finally see the group officially debut with their final, 12-member lineup. With a growing cult following and praise from international media outlets like Dazed and NewNowNext, it’s clear that LOONA are on the cusp of becoming K-Pop’s next critical darlings.

The Boyz

They’re from a relatively unknown label and have only been in the K-Pop game since December,
but The Boyz are already off to a surprisingly good start. They’ve already got a couple of endorsement deals under their belt and their debut album, The First, has sold almost 60,000 copies (and counting). Large numbered groups are all the rage in K-Pop right now, and with 12 members to choose from, The Boyz shouldn’t have any trouble attracting stans in 2018.


Originally formed as a temporary project group made up of leftover contestants from singing comp Produce 101, JBJ are now looking at possibly extending their contracts thanks to their skyrocketing popularity. Their debut album sold over 130,000 copies, and unlike the vast majority of their contemporaries, JBJ have actually cracked the singles chart too. Even if they don’t end up going the distance, they’re still going to be a big deal for at least the rest of this year.

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl have been floating around since mid-2015, but 2018 is set to be their breakout year thanks to the unexpected success of their latest single, “Secret Garden.” Their album sales have also been climbing with every release, and they’re about to star in their own reality show. It’s taken them a bit longer than other girl groups, but it looks like Oh My Girl’s time to shine has finally arrived.

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