It’s Hard To Believe These Musicians Are Still Alive After Their Insane Drug Use

Idolator Staff | January 16, 2018 4:09 pm

For many musicians, drugs seem to go hand-in-hand with the industry, especially rock and roll. We have lost so many talented musicians due to drug addiction and overdoses throughout the years that it’s hard to keep count. But there are a number of musicians who’ve fallen deeply into the clutches of addiction and still have managed to survive, despite their rampant drug use and hardcore partying. Some continued to make music, some left the industry behind. Some have changed their lives and cleaned up their act, while others still battle their addiction daily. Here are musicians who have managed to still be alive after consuming an insane amount of drugs throughout their careers.

The Prince Of Darkness’ Drug-Fueled Antics

Ozzy Osbourne was fired from his legendary metal band Black Sabbath due to his insane drug use. His career didn’t seem to suffer, though, and he went on to become a mega solo star. His crazy drug-fueled antics, like snorting a line of ants when there was no more cocaine, kept him in the headlines. While, for the most part, Ozzy got clean, he showed the world how permanently he was affected by his drug use during the filming of The Osbournes. Ozzy became a caricature of himself, constantly confused, easily startled and always garbling his words.