Troye Sivan Strips Back On His Folksy New Single “The Good Side”

Mike Nied | January 18, 2018 1:10 pm

Troye Sivan bares his soul on his stripped back new song, “The Good Side.” The 22-year-old kicked off a new era with the release of his infectious “My My My!” last week. The buoyant bop is the lead single to his sophomore LP. However, his latest release offers a more introspective look at the end of a relationship and showcases his maturing lyricism.

Released today (January 18), “The Good Side” features writing credits from his frequent collaborators Allie X and Leland. Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, Bram Inscore and Jam City, it strips back on some of his traditionally glimmering synths in favor of somber strings and electronic fuzz. Over that, Troye offers a heartfelt apology to one of his first loves.

“I got the good side of things. Left you with both of the rings. My fingers danced and swayed in the breeze. The change in the wind takes you down to your knees,” he acknowledges over the folksy production on the opening lines. Documenting the adventures he has been on since the relationship ended, Troye realizes his former lover has yet to recover. Weighed down by guilt, he moves into the chorus to reflect on how things ended. “But I sympathize, and I recognize. And baby, I apologize, that I go the good side, the good side of things,” he earnestly sings.

Pensive and earnest, “The Good Side” showcases a more raw side of Troye’s musicality. Whereas “My My My!” is a jubilant outpouring of emotion, this offers a more thoughtful look at what happens as love fades and is easily his most mature song to date. It is refreshing to hear the budding superstar moving out of his comfort zone and trying new things, and this is another promising release. Keep an eye out for him to perform the track on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Until then give it a listen below!

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