Kylie Minogue Reveals The Cover Of ‘Golden,’ Drops New Single “Dancing”

Mike Wass | January 18, 2018 3:10 pm
Kylie Minogue's 'Golden' Tracklist
Queen Kylie reveals the tracklist of country-leaning 14th LP, 'Golden.'

It’s a big day for Kylie Minogue. The pop icon revealed the cover art of her 14th LP and dropped the country-tinged lead single, “Dancing.” Let’s start with the former. After the highly stylized artwork of X, the drama of Aphrodite and the wistfulness of Kiss Me Once, the 49-year-old takes a different approach. She casually poses on a sofa with tousled hair and minimal make-up. There’s even a (sequined) guitar next to her, not an instrument you would normally associate with the Queen of dance/pop.

But before the dread of another dreary country-crossover starts sinks in, take a listen to “Dancing.” Produced by Sky Adams (best known for his work with Barns Courtney), Kylie’s latest isn’t a flimsy Nashville wannabe. Sure, there are twangy guitars and a hazy, organic vibe, but there’s also a big, fluffy chorus and something akin to a drop. As far as country-pop hybrids go, this is one of the best. In fact, it makes similar offerings by some of pop’s elite sound downright clumsy in comparison.

The lyrics are key. “No one wants to stay at home, nobody wants to be alone,” Kylie coos at the beginning of the song. “I don’t ever wanna stop, I’m gonna give it all I’ve got.” It becomes clear that she’s singing about more than a night out by the time the chorus arrives. “Can’t stand still, I won’t slow down,” she belts. “When I go out, I wanna go out dancing.” This is the hitmaker’s manifesto on aging and mortality. The fact that it also puts a smile on your face and makes you want to boot-scoot is part of its immense charm. Listen below.

Listen to “Dancing”:

See the cover:

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