These Bands Had The Opportunity to Play With Their Musical Heroes

Jackson Sawa | January 22, 2018 6:30 pm

For most musicians, it’s only a dream to be able to play alongside the artists who inspired them. Yet, for some, that dream has become a reality. Whether it’s a quick song on stage together or joining the band’s lineup, these are some musicians that had the opportunity to share the stage with their lifelong inspirations.

Turns out, Arcade Fire’s biggest inspiration became one of their biggest fans.

Modest Mouse Recruits A Long-Time Idol To Join The Band


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Indie rock outfit Modest Mouse has always had a soft spot for The Smiths guitarist Jeremy Marr. But instead of just being privileged to play one song with him onstage, Marr joined the band. That’s right, he became part of Modest Mouse. When Modest Mouse’s guitarist quit the band at the height of their fame, frontman Isaac Brock took a shot in the dark and cold-called Marr asking if he was up for it. In 2007, Brock told The Guardian that “I knew it was a demented notion” but it all worked out. Marr agreed to give it a shot and stayed with the band for a whole three years.