Lady Gaga Unveils A Piano Reworking Of Her New Single “Joanne”

Mike Nied | January 26, 2018 12:39 am

Lady Gaga is closing out her Joanne era with one last single. Today (January 26) Mother Monster unveiled a reworked version of the album’s touching title track. Dedicated to her late aunt who inspired the LP, Joanne Stefani Germanotta, it has always been a poignant release. Now, it is even more striking with its newly stripped-back production. Replacing folksy strings with pensive keys, she transformed the single into a heart-stopping tribute and an opportunity to say farewell.

“Take my hand. Stay, Joanne,” Gaga implores on the opening lines. Her voice trembles with emotion as it floats over the somber instrumentation, and it eventually builds to a crescendo as she finds peace on the bridge. “Honestly, I know where you’re going. And baby, you’re just moving on. And I’ll still love you even if I can’t see you anymore. Can’t wait to see you soar.” Signing off with hugs and kisses, the release seems to offer closure to both the era and her mourning.

The accompanying video is suitably ethereal. In it Gaga retreats from her life of superstardom for a short reprieve. Alternating between shots in full color and black and white, she wanders along a wooded road with a guitar in hand and makes joyful memories alongside loved ones. Of course, her signature hat makes an appearance, but she makes a more fitting reference to her aunt’s continued presence. Throughout the visual she glimpses up into the heavens with a knowing smile that relates back to the special bond between the two thanks to their shared history.

Given the timing of the release, it is safe to assume Gaga will perform her new single at the Grammys on Sunday (January 28). She is in the running for two awards during the show: Joanne was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album while “Million Reasons” is up for the title of Best Pop Solo Performance. It seems fitting that “Joanne” will bring the era to an end with a heartwarming moment onstage. Watch the whimsical video up top!


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