Prince Fox Drops Future-Pop Anthem “Open Invite”

Mike Wass | February 5, 2018 4:20 pm
Bella Thorne & Prince Fox's 'Just Call' Video
Prince and Bella struggle with heartbreak in their moody 'Just Call' video.

Artist/producer Prince Fox first appeared on my radar back in 2016 with Hailee Steinfeld collaboration, “Fragile.” Since then, Sam Lassner (his real name) has added vocalist to his resume — duetting with Bella Thorne on underrated bop “Just Call” and joining forces with Quinn XCII for the edgier “Space.” He now returns with “Open Invite,” a future-pop anthem with a catchy chorus and club-friendly drop. The tone is noticeably upbeat and loved-up in comparison to the emo-angst of previous singles.

“You don’t have to wait for the call to come through, you already know all I want is you,” the LA-based hitmaker begins the song cheerfully. “It’s an open invite, open invite.” That takes us to the pre-drop. “And I know it felt fast and if you leave it’s alright, but if you want to come back it’s an open invite — my door is open for no one but you, so baby come through.” It’s the kind of song that appeals equally to pop lovers and the EDM crowd, which is an enviable niche to occupy. Listen below.

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