You Have To See These Pictures Of Pop Stars When Their Debut Album Came Out Vs. Now

Mariel Loveland | February 6, 2018 4:22 pm

These stars have come a long way since their debut album, but what did they look like before Hollywood sunk in its platinum blonde, perfectly manicured claws? Talk about a major glow up. Success certainly looks good when you can afford a stylist (or at least step away from whoever the heck is styling Disney Channel stars).

These stars have changed a lot since their debut album – and in some cases, they’re almost unrecognizable. Here’s what some of your favorite musicians looked like when they released their first albums vs. what they look like now as seasoned celebs.

Taylor Swift

taylor swift.jpg

Then: In 2006, Taylor Swift was a high school student who didn’t quite fit in when she released her debut, self-titled album. She wore her heart on her sleeve and wrote songs about passing her crush in the hallway. She even wrote on her Myspace page that she’d never dare straighten her curly hair to impress a dude.

Now: Taylor has filtered through a couple terrible ex-boyfriends (even worse than the dopey, teenaged Drew). She’s also filtered through even more awards shows. Swifty is one of the most successful pop stars on the planet. In an era where albums don’t sell physical copies, the singer sold a whopping 1.2 million copies of Reputation. The album was the best-selling of 2017.