“Rumors” About Fleetwood Mac That Are Actually True

Jackson Sawa | February 7, 2018 7:58 pm

Fleetwood Mac has seen it all and set the bar for many of their successors. Forming in London in 1967, the band has undergone numerous changes in both its members and music direction throughout the decades. In total, the band has sold over 100 million records and selected members have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But although Fleetwood Mac has become a household name, there are countless stories and rumors about the band that are not as well-known as their albums. From scandalous affairs to life-changing psychedelic trips, discover the lesser-known history and facts of the band that helped to define a generation.

“Black Magic Woman” Was Originally A Fleetwood Mac Song

Contrary to popular belief, the track “Black Magic Woman” isn’t a Santana original, but instead a Fleetwood Mac single written by Peter Green and released in 1968. Although the song was not as popular as Santana’s version, it still peaked at No. 32 on the UK British Singles Chart.

Epic Records
Epic Records

It was featured in Fleetwood Mac live setlists even after Green had left the band (it was often sung by Danny Kirwan instead). During the 1970s, it laid the foundation for long mid-concert jam band sessions and is rumored to have evolved out of Green’s other song “I Loved Another Woman.”