Must Listen: Charlie Puth Shares His Apple HomePod Playlist

Mike Nied | February 9, 2018 9:47 am

Charlie Puth is celebrating the release of Apple’s new HomePod system by sharing a playlist of his favorite songs. Released today (February 9), the HomePod is an innovative wireless speaker that delivers an exemplary listening experience anywhere in your home. We teamed up with the Voicenotes hitmaker to offer a taste of what he is listening to on the new system. The crooner’s “Attention” obviously made the list, but the rest is an eclectic mix of beloved hits new and old.

For starters, he shared some love for classic hip hop. Charlie gave a shout out to Common’s “The Light” as well as “Atlanta’s finest,” Lil Jon. After all, no party is complete without listening to his undeniable banger “Get Low.” But he contrasted the frenetic hit with a classical performance of “Élégie in C Minor, Op 24” from 1995. Rounding out the list is an thrilling indie-pop production from Foster the People. Check out Charlie’s playlist and his reasons for selecting each song below!

1. “Attention” – Charlie Puth


2. “The Light” – Common

“This song has the best kick drum in a hip hop record. RIP J Dilla.”

3. “Sit Next to Me” – Foster the People

“Whoever mixed this record is the Steely Dan of 2018.”

4. “Élégie in C Minor, Op 24” (1995 – Remaster) – Gabriel Fauré, performed by Jacqueline du Pré & Gerald Moore

“In my opinion, one of the fullest, richest, most melodic piano cello pieces of music from the 1800’s.”

5. “Salt Shaker” – Ying Yang Twins & Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

“Atlanta’s finest, produced by Lil Jon. Love the low drone of the E flat 808.”

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