Delta Goodrem Switches It Up With Sexy Banger “Think About You”

Mike Wass | February 15, 2018 3:50 pm
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Delta Goodrem is one of the most successful Australian artists of all time. Her discography boasts nine number one hits (only Kylie Minogue has more) as well as the highest-selling album of the ’00s. In the US, she is best known for her ballads — landing adult contemporary hits with “Lost Without You” and “In This Life.” Which makes her latest single something of a surprise. Co-written with Julian Bunetta and John Ryan (the team behind Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands”), “Think About You” is a sexy, uptempo banger.

“I’ve got this habit and I just can’t stop,” Delta begins the song. “Every time I look at you, your clothes are coming off.” She gets right to the point on the chorus. “I’m just gonna say it and I don’t know how you’ll take it, I think about you naked when I’m looking at you.” It’s irreverent, catchy and a welcome change of pace. (There’s even a mini drop!) “As a songwriter, I look at the message that I want to convey in a song,” the 33-year-old says of her new direction.

“In this case, and after working on a number of different projects, I genuinely went into the writing session with an open mind that it didn’t have to come with as much gravity in the sentiment, it just has to feel good. Every chapter of my career has been different and right now, with this song, I want people to just have fun.” As for working with Julian and John? “I had heard about Julian and John through the years and obviously they’ve had so many hits around the world,” Delta says. “It was amazing to bring what I do as a songwriter together with them.”

Listen the Aussie hitmaker’s latest below.

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