The Chainsmokers Host A Bloody Dinner Party In Their “You Owe Me” Video

Mike Nied | February 16, 2018 12:46 pm

You do not want to be on the guest list for a party at The Chainsmokers’ house as evidenced by their “You Owe Me” video. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart rolled out the Rory Kramer-directed visual for their newest single this morning (February 16), and it is a bloody affair. In it, the pair go through the motions to prepare for a seemingly innocuous dinner party. They take out the trash, straighten up their (gorgeous) house and enjoy a Bloody Mary while working in the kitchen before their guests arrive. However, things get a little violent when everyone sits down at the dinner table. It turns out the duo are vampires, and they are ready to feast on their friends.

Guess those Bloody Mary’s were just an appetizer for the main event. After the pair finish their meal they tidy up the house, and it is (presumably) time to set the next trap. Serving kitschy drama and a dark brand of comedy, it is easy to imagine the video going viral. If it does, it will definitely give the single a well-deserved push up the charts. The song is off to a slow start on the US iTunes’ chart after dropping at midnight. At the time of publication, it is sitting around the middle of the top 200. But some promo could help it soar higher.

“You Owe Me” is a step in the right direction after opening 2018 with “Sick Boy.” The dance/rock production lacked the magic of their earlier releases and felt a little gratuitous when it dropped last month. Their latest is not as instant as “Don’t Let Me Down” or as whimsical as “Roses,” but it capitalizes on their ability to deliver a strong production and relatable lyrics. As we move further into the year, they are sure to continue improving on their craft and may just end up with another timeless hit on their hands. Check out the dramatic video up top!

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