From “We Found Love” To “Rude Boy,” Rihanna’s 30 Best Music Videos

Mike Nied | February 20, 2019 11:59 am
Rihanna's #1s Ranked
We revisit, review and rank all of the biggest hits of RiRi's epic career.

There is no denying that Rihanna has delivered countless iconic videos over the course of her career. Since playing the role of dance floor commander in her 2005 debut, she has continued to drop unforgettable content. From jaw-dropping costuming and stunning staging to fierce plots, each visual brings something new to the table and establishes the icon as one we will forever remember.

In honor of her birthday today (February 20), I took on the momentous task of counting down her 30 best singles. Take a deep breath and prepare to dive into the slayage below! After you take a look, let us know if we missed your fav.

30. “You Da One” – 2011

Graphic and bold, Ri delivered a memorable video for her sinuous bop.

29. “What Now” – 2013

A gothic thriller.

28. “ROCKSTAR 101” – feat. Slash

I dare you to name a more iconic rock star.

27. “Rehab” feat. Justin Timberlake – 2008

The unexpected collaborators hit the desert for some lusty stares.

26. “SOS” – 2006

In one video, the budding superstar defined herself as queen of the club and jungle while delivering a timeless look or two.

25. “California King Bed” – 2011

Fire-engine red hair has never looked more ethereal than it does here.

24. “Wild Thoughts” feat. DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller – 2017

Serving looks and attitude, this trio delivered a jewel-toned treat for their song of the summer contender.

23. “Unfaithful” – 2006

There is something so heartbreaking about watching the budding star get ready to meet her side-piece. The youthful drama unveils an unexpected window into the straying lover’s pain.

22. “Kiss It Better” – 2016

A stark, black and white masterpiece.

21. “Te Amo” – 2010

Shout out to the LGBTQ storyline here. Rihanna: Queen of equality.

20. “Princess of China” feat. Coldplay – 2012

Special effects and serious fashion abound in this internationally thrilling collaboration.

19. “Pon de Replay” – 2005

The video that started it all and introduced the world to the fresh-faced, future icon.

18. “FourFiveSeconds” feat. Kanye West and Paul McCartney – 2015

To quote the diva herself, this is “classic and iconic, like the fucking Beatles.”

17. “Loyalty” feat. Kendrick Lamar – 2017

It is hard to steal the show in a Kendrick video, but it should come off as no surprise that Rihanna did just that for her gravity-defying collab with the “HUMBLE.” rapper.

16. “Diamonds” – 2012

The visual for this Sia-written anthem obviously features a plethora of glittering gemstones as well as some stunning equestrian shots. The best horse video since Britney’s “Radar.”

15. “Where Have You Been” – 2012

Some of her fiercest choreography and chicest looks appear as Ri storms the jungle in couture.

14. “Work” – 2016

Some cavorting from pop’s favorite would-be couple.

13. “Disturbia” – 2008

An unnerving single that set the pop star on her journey from good girl to bad girl and unforgettable princess.

12. “Needed Me” – 2016

Revenge is a dish best served cold and with nipples on full display.

11. “Can’t Remember To Forget You” feat. Shakira – 2014

There is nothing more mesmerizing than two of pop’s most in demand goddesses getting a little intimate, and that is exactly what Shaki and Ri pulled out in this lush escapade.

10. “Russian Roulette” – 2009

The rebirth of pop’s baddest bitch and a testament to her enduring strength.

9. “Umbrella” – 2007

One of her first undeniable pop masterpieces received an equally thrilling visual complete with body paint, sparks, ballet and water bending.

8. “Stay” feat. Mikky Ekko – 2013

Crying in a bathtub has literally never looked more glamorous.

7. “Pour It Up” – 2013

Released after Miley licked the hammer and swung around naked on the wrecking ball, Rihanna felt obligated to reclaim the title of pop’s most ratchet by flooding a basement and twerking in a denim thong. I don’t make the rules; I just adore the results.

6. “Only Girl (In The World)” – 2010

In a field of rainbow-bright flowers, Ri is still the most captivating vision on screen.

5. “Man Down” – 2011

A severely under appreciated bop with an equally unforgettable video. Side note: here is one more example of what happens if you cross this diva.

4. “Rude Boy” – 2010

Do what you want with her art pop.

3. “S&M” – 2011

An unapologetic spectacle and a commentary on Hollywood. The only downside is we never got a version for the Britney collab.

2. “Bitch Better Have My Money” – 2015

In case you needed one more reminder not to play games with the HBIC, this 7-minute extravaganza is sure to refresh your memories.

1. “We Found Love” feat. Calvin Harris – 2011

Rebellious and ethereal, Rihanna’s best song was accompanied by her most memorable visual. Displaying the soaring highs and crushing lows of love, she holds nothing back here. Fraught with emotions and totally relatable, she has never been more relatable.

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