Absolutely Insane Things Musicians Did While Under the Influence

Jackson Sawa | February 20, 2018 5:32 pm

Drugs have (and probably always will) play a major role in the music industry. While not everyone takes a liking to them like some do, there’s no denying that some of the craziest stories in the music world have come about from partying. Whether it’s Kieth Moon passing out cold mid-song or Iggy Pop fighting an entire biker gang in the middle of his performance, these are some of the craziest things musicians have done while under the influence.

Scott Weiland Wore A Disguise To Buy Heroin


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Scott Weiland, the frontman of the famous rock group Stone Temple Pilots was no sober Sally. He was known for his rather impressive drug consumption after he began to use heroin in 1994 with Gibby Hanes of the Butthole Surfers. In 1995, he was arrested while buying crack cocaine and spent time in jail. After his release and while still on probation, he moved into an apartment with Courtney Love. Unsurprisingly, the two began to heavily abuse drugs together. It was during this time that Weiland was arrested again for attempting to buy heroin while dressed up like a pimp to disguise himself. After his release, he continued to be arrested on and off again with stints of rehab here and there.

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