Hip-Hop And R&B Artists You Didn’t Realize Were Related To Other Stars

Idolator Staff | February 26, 2018 4:31 pm

From Snoop Dogg to Rev Run, some of our favorite hip-hop and R&B artists have more in their vault than just hit songs. When we’re busy enjoying the music, it’s easy to let everything else go over our heads, but did you know that some of these guys have relatives even more famous than they are? You might not even realize that some members of the same group are flesh and blood too. Check out these hip-hop and R&B artists that you’ll never believe are related to other stars.

Remember Lil Romeo? Did you know he has a famous father?

Chance the Rapper and Taylor Bennett

Chance and Taylor.jpg

24-year-old rap sensation Chance the Rapper is quickly becoming one of the best-known artists in the industry. In 2016, his third mixtape Coloring Book earned him three Grammys — that’s no easy feat. However, Chance might want to watch his back as his little brother is none other than Taylor Bennett, an up and coming rap star in his own right. The pair were raised by their parents Ken and Lisa in Chicago, often rapping against each other to work on their skills. Together, they work on putting an end to violent crime in their home city.