Hip-Hop And R&B Artists You Didn’t Realize Were Related To Other Stars

Idolator Staff | February 26, 2018 4:31 pm

From Snoop Dogg to Rev Run, some of our favorite hip-hop and R&B artists have more in their vault than just hit songs. When we’re busy enjoying the music, it’s easy to let everything else go over our heads, but did you know that some of these guys have relatives even more famous than they are? You might not even realize that some members of the same group are flesh and blood too. Check out these hip-hop and R&B artists that you’ll never believe are related to other stars.

Remember Lil Romeo? Did you know he has a famous father?

Chance the Rapper and Taylor Bennett

Chance and Taylor.jpg

24-year-old rap sensation Chance the Rapper is quickly becoming one of the best-known artists in the industry. In 2016, his third mixtape Coloring Book earned him three Grammys — that’s no easy feat. However, Chance might want to watch his back as his little brother is none other than Taylor Bennett, an up and coming rap star in his own right. The pair were raised by their parents Ken and Lisa in Chicago, often rapping against each other to work on their skills. Together, they work on putting an end to violent crime in their home city.

Dr. Dre And Warren G

Dr. Dre And Warren G

Few people realize that the prolific hip-hop artist Warren G is actually the stepbrother of an equally famous (if not more so) artist Dr. Dre. The pair became brothers when Dre’s mother married Warren’s Dad after two failed marriages. While the couple didn’t have any children, it brought their families together. Although Dre is six years older than Warren, he has a lot to thank him for in terms of his career success. Warren was working with Snoop when he introduced him to Dre, who was impressed. The rest is history.



Gary Grice aka GZA is best known for being a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan. When he was first starting out, he formed a group with two of his cousins. One of them was Russell Jones, who would later be known as ODB. ODB would also become part of the Wu-Tang Clan, but despite achieving mainstream success Jones led a troubled life and died of a drug overdose in 2004. The other member of the group was Robert Diggs, also known as RZA, the de facto leader of Wu-Tang. The trio remained close throughout their rise to fame and subsequent achievements.

Snoop Dogg, Brandy, And Ray J

Ray J and Brandy.jpg

Snoop Dogg has a pretty big family, it seems. R&B singer Brandy had multiple hits in the ’90s and sold millions of singles worldwide, making her a certified quadruple Platinum-selling artist. Her brother is the TV personality Ray J, perhaps best known for that sex tape that launched Kim Kardashian to fame in 2007. Unbeknown to the trio for some time, they are all cousins, but it wasn’t revealed to the public until much later. Snoop explained in 2006 that it just didn’t seem important to discuss. “We never really told the world because we weren’t trippin’ off of that,” he said.



This is a real family affair. The rap trio Migos hails from Lawrenceville, Georgia and are individually known by their stage names Quavo, Offset and Takeoff. Since their breakout hit “Bad and Boujee” topped the charts in 2016, the group has gone from strength to strength – but how are they related? Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle, while Offset is Quavo’s cousin. All three of the rappers were raised together, with Quavo starting the group in 2009. Understandably, they’re as close as you can get after growing up in a tough Atlanta neighborhood, although Quavo maintains they made it hard for themselves.

Lil Romeo And Master P

Lil Romeo.jpeg

Romeo Miller exploded onto the scene when he was 11 years old with the single “My Baby.” The track had major chart success and why wouldn’t it? The kid was freakin’ adorable. It was his father, legendary artist Master P that saw the potential in his son and signed him to his own record label when he was just five years old after Romeo penned a rap for his dad. Music is definitely in this guy’s blood as Romeo has a dad, two uncles, a cousin, a sister and a mother all in the industry.

Did you know R&B duo K-Ci and Jojo’s cousin is a famous American Idol star?

Juicy J And Project Pat

Juicy and Pat.jpg

Memphis rapper Juicy J is a founding member of Southern hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, created in the early ’90s. In 2006, the group had major success with their track “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” which they wrote for the movie Hustle & Flow. The track garnered them the Academy Award for Best Original Song. They’re also well known for helping launch the careers of several artists, including Lil Wayne and Project Pat – Juicy’s older brother. Pat first started appearing on his brother’s recordings in the early ’90s, which helped him gain enough recognition to launch a solo career. He cites him as a major influence.

Pete Rock And Heavy D

Pete Rock and Heavy D

American record producer and rapper Pete Rock never achieved much in the way of solo success, but he did gain a lot of respect within the industry for his time as one half of the group Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Rock comes from a pretty talented family, with his cousin being the late Heavy D. Heavy was extremely popular in the ’90s in the hip-hop group Heavy D and the Boyz. The pair grew up together from the age of six and were consistently in contact up until Heavy’s sudden death in 2011.

Damon Dash And Stacey Dash

Stacey and Damon Dash

Damon Dash is a well-known actor and producer, best known for co-founding Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z. While he may not have officially rapped himself, Dash was Jay-Z’s manager and had a huge part to play in Jay’s mainstream breakthrough. Damon is also the first cousin of actress Stacey Dash, known for her role as Dion in the movie Clueless and the TV spin-off of the same name. The pair both hail from the Bronx and spent a lot of time together growing up, although aren’t as close these days.

Playboi Carti And UNO The Activist


Atlanta born Playboi Carti started rapping when he was just a child, using the moniker Sir Cartier. Although he’s a relatively new kid on the block in terms of success, he’s been around for a while underground. His cousin is Uno the Activist, a relatively unknown artist that is on the rise. The pair were in a group together called TFZ in their early days and while they were once close, things turned sour when Carti continued to hang with Bloody Dior, who allegedly shot Uno. Uno referenced the fall out in his song “Sad Truth.” Above the duo is pictured with Ian Carter.

Snoop Dogg And Nate Dogg


This pair has more in common than just a stage name. Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg were cousins, both part of the California rap trio 213 alongside former entry Warren G. Snoop and Nate didn’t meet until they attended the same high school after Nate moved from Missouri. They instantly connected and began making music together. Nate sadly died in 2011 after suffering several strokes. At his funeral, Snoop delivered a heartfelt eulogy paying tribute to his blood relative. “I’m so honored, so happy that you gave me the opportunity, God, to know Nate Dogg,” said the rapper.

K-Ci, Jojo, And Fantasia

Fantasia and Cousins

Fantasia rose to fame as the winner of 2004’s American Idol. Scoring a hit single after her victory was a given for a girl with her incredible voice. Since then the star has gone on to bigger and better things, but she wasn’t the first in her family to have a taste of the big time. Her cousins are none other than K-Ci and Jojo, the popular ’90s duo. The pair enjoyed a wealth of hits throughout their run and still continue to perform together now, almost twenty years on. There’s obviously something in the water in North Carolina to produce such talented families.

Did you know the late start Aaliyah was related to a soul legend?

Master P, Silkk The Shocker And C-Murder


Percy Robert Miller is also known as Master P and has made it big in the industry, amassing a fortune of over $350 million dollars from rapping, acting and producing. The multi-talented entrepreneur is the founder of No Limit Forever Records and comes from strong hip-hop stock. Hailing from the New Orleans Calliope Projects, he is the oldest of five. His younger brothers are the platinum-selling artists C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker. That’s a lot of talent in one family. The trio were tight growing up, often performing together. When C-Murder was jailed for murder in 2002, Master P even wrote a letter to Obama asking for a pardon. Unrealistic, but loving all the same.

Pras And Wyclef Jean


Pras and Wyclef Jean were part of one of our favorite ’90s groups – The Fugees. Alongside Lauryn Hill, the trio had incredible success. Their album The Score sold millions of copies worldwide and saw them gain legions of fans. Unfortunately, the group disbanded, but all three went on to have great solo careers. The buzz around Lauryn and Wyclef’s failed romantic relationship may have distracted most people from realizing that Wyclef and Pras were first cousins. Pras went on to star in several 20th Century Fox movies.

Nas And Olu Dara

Nas and Olu Dara.jpg

44-year-old rap veteran Nas has been killing the game since 1991, releasing eight consecutive platinum albums. In short, he’s doing pretty well and it looks like his dad may have taught him a thing or two. Olu Dara was a famous cornetist in his time and made a substantial impact on the jazz scene when he moved from Natchez, Mississippi to New York City in the ’60s. He played alongside some of the jazz greats, including David Murray, Henry Threadgill, Hamiet Bluiett and Don Pullen. He even featured on Nas’ 1994 album Illimatic. Not bad credentials to have. The pair speaks very highly of each other.

LMFAO And Berry Gordy

Redfoo and Berry Gordy

Electronic hip-hop duo LMFAO are best known for their 2011 hit “Sexy and I know it,” but they both come from strong music making lineage. Stephen Gordy a.k.a. RedFoo is the son of Motown music label founder Berry Gordy and video director Nancy Leiviska, while Skyler Gordy a.k.a. Sky Blu, is Berry’s grandson (the duo are uncle and nephew). This is one pair that really knows what it means to work in the industry, and luckily enough Berry has been behind them since day one, telling the media that his son and grandson were “changing the world.”

Syleena Johnson And Chad Johnson

Syleena and Chad Johnson.jpg

Syleena Johnson may not be a worldwide name in the game, but she has had an impressive career. Daughter of ’60s singer Syl Johnson, music runs through her veins. The songstress has released several albums and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kanye West on his single “All Falls Down.” There’s not just one famous child in this family though, with Syleena’s brother Chad Johnson having had a successful NFL career. Chad played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, and the New England Patriots before calling time on his football days.

Aaliyah And Gladys Knight


The late R&B singer Aaliyah made a lasting mark, although her career was sadly cut short when she died in a plane crash in 2001. Not only was her personal life the subject of media interest, but her impressive talent seemed to know no bounds. What most people didn’t know was that her aunt was soul legend Gladys Knight, who had married Aaliyah’s uncle. Knight and Aaliyah were close, and the veteran often gave the young star advice. Just before her death, Gladys told her to remain true to herself despite a conflict with a young artist.

Da Brat And Lisa Raye

Da Brat and LisaRaye.jpg

Actress and rapper Da Brat was the first female rapper to gain a platinum certification. She also received two Grammy nominations, so all in all, her career has gone pretty well. Her sister hasn’t done too badly either. Da Brat is the half-sister of actress LisaRaye McCoy, who played Neesee James on All of Us as well as Keisha Greene in Single Ladies. The two women shared a father, David McCoy, who was a popular nightclub owner in Chicago. He was murdered in 1988 by his girlfriend of 10 years. The two sisters remain close and can often be pictured together.

Rev Run And Russell Simmons

Rev and Russell.jpg

While it may seem obvious to those that know, a lot of people have missed out on this insider knowledge. Rev Run, one half of the iconic group Run-D.M.C is the brother of Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam Records. The pair grew up together in Queens, New York and gave a joint interview in 2016 describing how it was to live in a neighborhood rife with drugs. All three brothers (Rev, Russell and their artist brother Danny) maintain a good relationship and talk highly of their family values. While Rev made it big in music, Russell has an estimated worth of $340 million dollars.