Cheat Codes Recruit Kiiara For New Banger “Put Me Back Together”

Mike Nied | March 2, 2018 12:15 pm

Kiiara is shaping up to be one of pop’s brightest up-and-comers. The ethereally voiced hitmaker has lent her talents to some of the most compelling productions in recent memory including her breakout release, “Gold.” And her latest offering is one of her best yet. Today (March 2), she joined forces with production trio Cheat Codes on their new single, “Put Me Back Together,” and it is a whimsical masterpiece.

Over a production lush with gentle flourishes and distorted vocal samples, she sings about a lover who helped bring reason to her life. “I never met nobody who sees the stars the way you do. Nobody that can love me when I’m stumbling ’round the room,” the 22-year-old coos over sweet synths on the opening lines. Her emotions spill over as she moves into the chorus. “Boy, you put me back together again. A Coca-Cola Hennessey, everybody says you’re no good for me. But you’re my fucked up remedy.” The beat builds under her seraphic vocals, eventually spilling over into a frenetic break that is as vibrant as her emotions.

Romantic and ethereal, “Put Me Back Together” could easily become a massive hit. It boasts an endearing production, and Kiiara manages to imbue the track with sweet emotions without coming across as overly saccharine. With any luck, this could climb the Billboard Hot 100 and best Cheat Codes’ “No Promises.” Their collaboration with Demi Lovato broke into the top 40, but this should become even bigger. Give it a listen below!

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