Demi Lovato Graces The Cover Of ‘Billboard,’ Talks The Benefits Of Honesty

Mike Nied | March 8, 2018 12:12 pm

Demi Lovato graces the cover of the forthcoming issue of Billboard, and she commemorated the occasion with an effortlessly chic photoshoot. Released today (March 8), the “Tell Me You Love Me” superstar posed for a dramatically lit headshot on the cover. Rocking a pair of diamond earrings and dark nails, she is every bit of the pop princess we would expect her to be. The remaining pics were captured by Austin Hargrave and feature the 25-year-old in more relaxed looks. She posed in an oversized jersey, reclining against a couch in a sun-kissed living room in some. In others, she showcased her daring side in a bold power suit over a lacy black bra. Carefree and radiant, this is easily one of her best shoots yet.

In an accompanying interview, Demi opened up about the importance of honesty in her life and career. The pop star, who has built a brand around being remarkably transparent via confessional interviews and an active presence on social media, explained the importance of showing her true self. However, she also noted there are certain things she is not quite ready to reveal. “I have boundaries. There are things I’ll probably never share with the world, because I’ve already given so much.” However, the “Sorry Not Sorry” icon’s decision to showcase so much of herself has helped differentiate her from her peers and opened unexpected doors along the way. “I knew about Demi Lovato the superstar. But when I saw the documentary [Simply Complicated], I got to really see her journey, and I could say, ‘Man, I’m proud of her'” tour mate DJ Khaled said.

The interview also discussed how her decision to be forthcoming about things impacts her stance on politics. “Politics are difficult to talk about,” she said at one point before expanding. “There are certain pop stars who don’t speak out politically, and they have more fans. But I’d rather speak up for the things I believe in than just be dismissive of the issues going on in our country.” Getting more personal, Demi opened up about some struggles she is facing as she becomes more comfortable in her skin. She also provided some behind the scenes looks into preparing to hit the road on her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour. Scroll through a gallery of the pics up top and check out the remainder of her interview here!

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