FLETCHER’s “I Believe You” Is Timely And Anthemic

Mike Nied | March 9, 2018 12:03 pm

FLETCHER lends her support to the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements with the release of her timely new single, “I Believe You.” Released today (March 9), the anthem features a message of solidarity directed to any woman who has been a victim of sexual assault: “I believe you.” Co-written by Lauren Aquilina and with a production credit from Troye Sivan’s frequent collaborator, Alex Hope, it is a female-driven ode to survivors that is bound to give listeners chills.

“This song is for all of the amazing women I work with every day who have been felt up, shut up and kicked down. And for all the women whose stories I haven’t heard, this song was made to let them know that I’m listening, we all are,” the “You Should Talk” siren announced in a heartfelt open letter she shared alongside the release.

“It’s the sick-to-your-stomach feeling with a smile on your face. It’s the memory you can ignore but you can’t erase,” she earnestly sings over piano keys and aural synths on the opening lines. The production swells underneath FLETCHER’s voice as she moves into the chorus. “Me too. Girl, I believe you. Are you losing your mind thinking what will it take to make somebody listen to you? Me too.” Starting out small like any movement, it rapidly grows in strength as the rising star loses herself in the powerful lyrics. “Do you know every battle that you’ve ever faced is making you bulletproof,” she finally announces before reining in the beat to promise her support.

In her open letter, the hitmaker explained her thought process behind the track. “For me, the right words were ‘I believe you.’ Like the day my best friend confessed, that while we were in high school, her boss attacked her during a late night shift. Like the time my classmate came into my room and informed me she had been raped in her dorm. Like the time a member on my own team had to take a meeting with the man that harassed her as an intern, and like the close collaborator of mine who shared her story of sexual assault by her very own manager,” she wrote, reiterating the point several times. “I believe you. I believe you. I believe you. I believe you.”

She also discussed the process of recording it and revealed that proceeds from sales of the track will be donated to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund for Women’s History Month. Listen to the powerful single and read the rest of her evocative open letter below!

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