Britney Spears Puts On Some “Red Hot Lipstick” On Newly Leaked Song

Merry Britmas! Fans of Britney Spears are in for a treat thanks to a newly leaked demo that is making its way across the internet this morning (March 13). Called “Red Hot Lipstick,” it was leaked by a producer named Doug Elkins who reportedly worked with the “Toxic” superstar while she recorded 2007’s Blackout LP. The Los Angeles-based producer hopped on his Bandcamp account to upload the track in its entirety and to share some insight about working with Spears.

“I produced and co-wrote this song for/with Britney Spears. I could write a few chapters about my professional life with Britney Spears, but since I have always chosen to be pretty discreet on the subject, I’m just going to say a couple things here,” he wrote. He followed up with several facts he gleaned from their time in the studio. Apparently, she can sing but was always chewing gum in the booth. Referring to their collaboration as “one of the most exciting moments” of his professional career, he expressed dismay when the song was cut from the final tracklist.

The track itself is a sexy romp. On it, Britney shows off her sweet falsetto over a funky beat. “It’s time for us to take our flight. Ooo yeah. Just grab my hand and hold on tight,” she coos on the opening lines. After laying her seduction, she moves into the addictive chorus and peppers the production with a bevy of sensual moans and vocal runs. It is another interesting track that offers a glimpse of what the hitmaker was working on during her time in the studio between 2004’s In The Zone and her 2007 comeback.

Last year producer Michelle Bell offered another glimpse when she uploaded the socially conscious “Take Off.” An early contender for inclusion on In The Zone, it and her latest leak offer a glimpse at what could have been. Although not as instant as some of her other hits, it is always interesting to see how Spears works in the studio. These demos strip back some of the studio magic and offer fans an opportunity to experience the icon at work. We cannot link to the track, but it should come up with a quick search on YouTube or other popular streaming sites!

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