Seinabo Sey Makes A Bold Return On “I Owe You Nothing” & “Remember”

Mike Nied | March 16, 2018 12:06 pm

Seinabo Sey makes a welcome return to music after a two-year absence on a pair of genre-defying songs. Released today (March 16), her new single is called “I Owe You Nothing,” and it is a defiant, self-empowering anthem. On it the Swede takes a moment to declare her independence and to reminder listeners that she is beholden to no one. “I owe you nothing. I be myself, and I ain’t fronting, eh, nah, nah, nah,” she chants on the opening lines. Working with frequent collaborators MagnusTheMagnus, Vincent Pontare and Salem Al Fakir, the group composed a bold statement, and it is delivered with the utmost confidence.

“I figured it’s time I stand up for myself and this is my best way of doing that,” Seinabo said of the release. She channeled that point of view into the accompanying video. The Sheila Johansson-directed visual was shot in her father’s home country Gambia and marks a departure from her earlier work as she takes over the role of creative director. Delivering striking looks and an empowering message, it is a memorable release that is bound to be a hit.

Jacob Banks joins the “Pretend” siren on “I Owe You Nothing’s” B-Side, “Remember.” His deep voice is the perfect pairing with Seinabo’s lighter delivery and the aural production. On it, they sing about a desire to leave a lasting impact behind. “So you say, all you wanna be is remembered. I’ll make you go down in history,” she sings with a choir reverberating underneath her on the opening lines. It is the perfect pairing and a more introspective moment in comparison to her assured single.

With plans to release more new music over the following months and a performance booked at Stockholm’s Globe Arena on October 5, Seinabo is clearly making up for lost time. Her debut LP, Pretend, garnered rave reviews when it was dropped in 2015, and hopefully she will be able to make a well-deserved return to the acclaim with her latest releases. Check out the “I Owe You Nothing” video up top and give “Remember” a spin below!

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