Laura Jean’s Whimsical “Touchstone” Gets Lorde’s Seal Of Approval

Mike Wass | March 28, 2018 5:27 pm
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Laura Jean has quietly carved out a niche as one of Australia’s best folk singers over her four-album career, but the Melbourne-based artist explores synth-pop on new single “Touchstone” — winning Lorde’s seal of approval in the process. “Super into this [Laura Jean] song ‘Touchstone’ [at the moment] which is maybe the sharpest communication of the spooky, all-consuming nature of feminine love i’ve ever seen,” she tweeted, before adding the lyrics that appealed most to her.

“I call u my touchstone, honey / I’m careful not to touch u all the time / Try to leave u alone / Sometimes I fantasise about u while ur lying next to me in my bed / I’m thinking about all the things we could be doing / Instead,” the Melodrama queen quoted. The track, which arrived last week, is a whimsical oddity that pairs jarringly odd verses with perhaps the prettiest chorus of the year. It’s weird and wonderful and well worth checking out. Lorde would never steer you wrong! Watch the arty video below.

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