Sam Smith & Logic Unveil Their Emotional “Pray” Remix

Mike Nied | March 29, 2018 10:46 am

Sam Smith teamed up with Logic to release a remixed version of “Pray” as the third single from The Thrill Of It All. Released today (March 29), it sounds like the Timbaland and Jimmy Napes-produced anthem is going to be another hit. The pair’s reimagined version breathes new life into the socially conscious, Gospel-inspired track with two new verses from the 28-year-old rapper. His passionate delivery effortlessly compliments Sam’s velvety vocal line, and the pair display an excellent chemistry.

“They never know my struggle. Rose above the rubble. Rather live inside the bubble then go through the trouble of having their double double vision corrected,” Logic announces on the opening lines. Sam comes in to deliver his first lines, and they proceed to trade off verses. “Maybe I’ll pray. I have never believed in you, but I’m gonna pray,” the crooner belts on the emotional chorus. Inspired by a trip to Iraq, the eye-opening release was powerful before and seems even more evocative with the addition of a second voice.

“Pray” is no stranger to the charts. After being released as a buzz track off the album last October, it peaked just outside the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100. After the album’s second single, “One Last Song” stalled in the US, it seems like the hitmaker is hoping his latest will recreate the success of earlier releases. If the duo have a video in the works, they are sure to climb the charts and bring their message to a much larger audience. Give the reimagined track a listen below!

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