Lauv Rushes Towards The Bitter End On New Single “Chasing Fire”

Mike Wass | March 29, 2018 2:00 pm
Lauv's Moody 'Getting Over You'
Lauv is in a particularly emo, introspective mood on new single 'Getting Over You.'

Lauv is the king of the sleeper hit. The 23-year-old’s breakthrough hit, “The Other,” arrived in early 2016 and took well over a year to catch fire, eventually becoming a Spotify sensation with more than 150 million streams. His next single did event better. “I Like Me Better” also exploded on Spotify (375 million streams), but it crossed over to radio — becoming a major chart hit around the world and his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. Given its slow-burn success, don’t be surprised if it climbs a lot higher.

Since then, Lauv has dropped a steady stream of content including “Easy Love,” “Getting Over You” and “Paris In The Rain.” He returns today (March 29) with a typically emo track called “Chasing Fire,” which finds the breakout star hurtling towards the bitter end of a relationship. “[It’s] about fighting for something that’s already over,” Lauv explains. “It’s the beginning of the end. It’s desperation. It’s grand. But it’s hopeless.” Listen to the moody, relatable and instantly catchy tune below.

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